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How it Works
What is Affiliate Marketing?

Mad 4 Ponies is the online retailer with a transactional web site where customers can buy equestrian related products. An 'affiliate' is an online publisher or partner who has access to traffic who would be interested in purchasing these products on the Mad 4 Ponies web site.

Therefore, if you have an equestrian themed or even general web site that can direct traffic to Mad 4 Ponies then you are a viable 'affiliate'. Any traffic an 'affiliate' directs to the Mad 4 Ponies web site which then generates a sale will earn them an agreed commission of 12% of that sale. This reward model is commonly known as Cost Per Action (CPA) and is more transparent and accountable than the older Cost Per Click (CPC) model.

Hence, for every £100 of sales you bring to Mad 4 Ponies you will get £12.

So how does the system know that I have created a SALE?

1. A consumer visits an affiliate's (your) website (for example a shopping portal, directory or blog).
2. The customer finds a product/advert/text link and clicks the link to be taken to the merchant's site to review or purchase (this click-through stores a cookie on their PC). *
3. The customer completes the sale on the Mad 4 Ponies web site and tracking software records the key purchase data such as sale amount, IP, date and time, etc and reports this to the Mad 4 Ponies Affiliate software. The customer journey has now concluded.
4. Mad 4 Ponies is able to allow a period of 'grace' to consider the sale complete and pays commission due to the affiliate for sales generated.

* This cookie lasts for 30 days allowing any sale to be attributed to the referring affiliate as long as the unique visitor completes a transaction within this cookie period.
Is there a Catch?

None at all, all we ask is that our affiliates are honest and are not associated with gambling, pornography or illegal practices.

Other than that, once you are approved you have access to all our banners, text and html banners plus anything you wish to create yourself to promote traffic to Mad 4 Ponies to start generating revenue. All you need to ensure is that the tracking code is installed in the link and that it points to the correct location which is detailed in the user area.

If you are having difficulty creating a link we can make one for you and send you the html. Below is an example of the html required to create a link.

<a href="" onMouseOver="window.status=''; return true" onMouseOut="window.status=''; return true">Mad 4 Ponies</a>

What do I get from it?

Online shopping has been predicted to account for 40% of all UK retail sales by 2020*. Currently households spend 10% (£980) of their annual shopping budget online typically on holidays, electronics, clothes and gifts items. Affiliate marketing in the UK grew by an estimated 45% during 2007, taking the total value of online sales generated by this channel for that year to over £3 billion**.

With a conservative estimate of commissions and fees paid out to affiliate networks amounting to £186 million, an increase of 40% on 2006. The same report** found that UK merchants involved in affiliate marketing drive 16% of their online sales via this channel and that 78% of them expected to be "more reliant" on affiliate marketing by 2009.

In light of these statistics and predictions it is clear that affiliate marketing should form part of an integrated and successful digital marketing strategy.

* USwitch – insert date and reference details
** The eConsultancy Affiliate Marketing Merchants Report 2007
What do I have to do to Join?

Just complete the online Join Form and we will revue your application and web site to ensure it is not illegal or contains adult or inappropriate material. Once we have done this we will approve your application and you can start earning immediately.
Is there any obligation?

No, if at any time you wish to leave the program you are welcome to with no notice and no penalty. We simply pay you any remaining revenue and wish you luck in your future web site affiliations.

Equally, if we find evidence of fraud or malpractice we will terminate your membership with the loss of any remaining revneue.

Are there any examples I can see?

We would recommend you google Affiliate Marketing and review some web sites on your own rather than us just showing you what we think is good. A good place to start to understand more is probably Wikipedia at:

This way you can understand the terminology before you start. But as a taster we have included a few of our banners below just so you get an idea.

We can help at any time?

Just remember, if at any time you need advice or help to get your affiliate progamme running you can just ask. Equally, if it is not for you you can just leave with no obligation or penalty.

So what is there to lose?? Sign up now and become an Affiliate.

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